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1 Day Guided Rock Climbing Trip

Here at Bali Climbing we offer an amazing full day rock climbing trip for climbers busting to get out into the secret unknown climbing spots in Bali. No matter if you are a beginner or a veteran this is a great opportunity to go out see Bali and test your skills. This truly incredible experience with expert guides takes you deep into the secret Bali jungle. Participants will have experience of varying levels, and our experts will always be on site to provide encouragement and guidance where needed.


On this 1 day trip designed specifically for rock climbing enthusiasts you will practice and learn relevant techniques (precise footwork, body positioning, breathing, resting and recovering and route reading), so you can make the most of your day trip and return with a few new skills to boot! Our locations have been carefully selected based on their merits as fun yet with challenging routes.


Located in the protected UNESCO Geopark forest of the Kintamani Volcano area, our certified rock climbing instructors will guide you through this incredible experience and teach you the basics of rock climbing. For more advanced climbers you can lead climb and our instuctors will be on site to belay you.


The climbing spot is suitable for all levels with 15 to 20 routes graded from 4b to 7b+ (5.5 to 5.12a), which will give you the opportunity to safely push your limits. This day trip was created to have challenging fun in a lush, tropical environment, but as the mountains are unpredictable, we advise all climbers to be very attentive to our certified professional’s instructions.

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Once at our rock climbing destination, we will introduce you to all the necessary climbing equipment. That equipment includes helmets, harnesses, knots and the crucial belay system. After a few warm-up climbs, you will then progress to more difficult, and ultimately more exciting climbs. During the latter portion of the climbing trip, you will have an opportunity to enjoy a thrilling rappel. Approximately 50 feet in the air, you will get to enjoy the very unique feeling, while also enjoying fantastic views of Mt Baur Volcano.


In order to allow you to have most amazing experience, you just need to bring your smile and the items listed below and Bali Climbing will take care of the rest !


The climbing cliff is divided in A to G spots with a height from 12 meters to 30 meters.


A spot : 3 routes à 5b, 6c+, 7a. 

B spot : 1 route à 6a. 

C spot : 3 routes à4b, 4c, 5a 

D spot : 2 routes à 6a and 6b 

E spot : 3 routes à 4c, 5b and 5c. 

F spot : 4 routes à 4a, 4c, 6b and 6c+. 

G spot : 1 route à 7b+


  • 7 am Depart Bali Climbing Gym in Canggu: arrive at climbing spot at 9-9 :30 am

  • Organic coffee and tea upon arrival

  • 9 :30 am briefing of climbing spot, routes and climbing materials

  • 10 am begin climbing

  • 1 pm organic lunch provided (vegan and vegetarian options available upon request)

  • Rock climbing until 3-4 pm depending on the group size

  • 4:30-5 pm depart for Bali Climbing Gym in Canggu

What is included

  • Round trip transportation from Bali Climbing Gym to the excursion areas (about 2 hours each way)

  • 10 minute coaching/briefing session and supervision by our certified instructors

  • 5-6 hours of climbing

  • All climbing equipment (harness, helmet, ropes, chalk and shoes)

  • Lunch picnic, including food and healthy beverages (vegetarian and vegan options available upon request)

  • Light snacks to stay energized and water

What to bring

  • Sportswear including running shoes (the approach walk might be slippery) and warm clothes (it might be chilly)

  • Sunscreen

  • Your camera to capture this unforgettable experience

  • Some extra snacks, just in case

  • Your refillable water bottle (don't worry if you forget yours, we will have extras on hand)

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